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2021 Update Notice of New Prices

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Update Notice of New Prices

Dear Valued Customers,

As always we appreciate your continued recognition and trust in GARRINI.Especially throughout the past challenging year, we have worked together to overcome the Pandemic.

Due to the long-term impact of COVID-19, we have continuously absorbed the cost fluctuation of exchange rate, raw materials,production, transportation and the whole supply chain till this moment to ensure the consistency in supply and stable price to our customers. But now, what we are facing is, given the continuous increase in the cost of a variety of raw materials, we are unable to get over the pressure caused by rising cost, under GARRINI's reasonable internal control.

In order to support vou with the highest levels of service and technological leadership through ever-changing market conditions, with careful consideration and cost evaluation,as from June 1st,2021, we will adjust prices on products involved.

An updated price quotation with affected materials will be released in early May,2021.

We sincerely value your business partner and highly appreciate your understanding on this matter. And hopefully we can pull through this hard times under your great support. We are sure both us will achieve long time win-win cooperation in coming future.

Please don't hesitate to contact your customer service representative if you have any questions.